Our Rehabilitation Program

Why do many top lameness veterinarians refer their clients to us? At Premier Equine Center, we provide to our referring vets and their clients the most advanced equipment, a skilled staff and a safe facility to ensure a top quality rehabilitation. At our facility, we are educated horse people, but we do not try to replace veterinarians. We follow each horses discharge instructions and treat every horse as an individual, not a number. We will assist in arranging all veterinary rechecks, farrier services, transporting and nutrition. Allow us to aid in the rehabilitation of your equine athlete and you will see why are services are trusted by many top trainers and veterinarians!

Cold Salt Hydrotherapy Spa

Premier Equine is proud to provide their customers with one of the only ECB equine cold salt hydrotherapy spas on the West Coast. There are actually over one hundred spas in use around the world, they are just fairly new to the U.S. The cold salt spa is one of the best ways to treat and prevent equine leg injuries. It doesn’t matter if the injury is a wound, tendon or ligament injury, laminitis, arthritis or an infection, the spa will aid in healing the injury. The ECB Cold Salt Spa uses a combination of 35 degree water, turbulating jets, plus a combination of epsom and sea salts to accelerate healing a provide the deepest icing available!

Equine Underwater Treadmill

At Premier Equine Center, we are very excited about the addition of our HydroHorse aquatred. The equine underwater treadmill, or aquatred, is a proven, trusted way to rehabilitate or condition your equine athlete.  While in the water, about half of the horses body wieght is taken away. This results in less concussion on joints, tendons and ligaments while still building bone mass and bone density. The resistance from the water also provides a deep cardiovascular work out, getting your equine athlete in amazing shape!

Covered Free Flow Eurociser

Our free flow exerciser, also known as a Eurociser, is a huge part of our rehabilitation and conditioning process. The free flow exerciser is a safer, more advanced version of a hot walker. The horse is loaded into his section of our four horse exerciser and then receives a controlled exercise routine. The horse is able to move naturally, not restricted like on a hot walker. The exerciser can walk, trot, or lope the horse and has a timer to set the duration of the exercise. This is a great method to rehab a horse that is coming off of an injury. Our exerciser is covered for year ’round use.

Equine Conditioning

Premier Equine Center can arrange a custom conditioning package for your equine athlete. Please call us to figure out a plan that will fit your horse and your budget!

Nutrition & Sports Medicine

Thank you to our wonderful equine partners, Premier Equine Center now has even more to offer. Thanks to our partnership with LMF Feeds, we can now offer nutitional advice from one of the country’s top nutritionists, Dr. Marit Arana. With 15 different types of grains, we are sure that we can find the best LMF product for your equine athlete.

Thanks to Professional’s Choice Sports Medicine Products, we are now able to offer items such as their Norfield’s magnetic boots/blankets and Pro Choice ice boots, standing wraps and polo wraps to help heal your horse

Horse Hauling

Affordable horse transportation is also available to our clients. We use a extra tall Sundowner trailer equipped with special, soft flooring and fans on those hot days. Please call us for a hauling quote to pick up your equine athlete!